The Lost DD

by DoofyDoo

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first and last drafts, songs and snippets, warts and wonder


released June 18, 2017




DoofyDoo Sacramento

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Track Name: Dejected/Practice
Who says you're stuck with your feelings, who thinks that their feelings are real and not a chance at all that they're wrong
Track Name: Invitations
If we get married can we drop lsd? Have everyone bring their animal families. The band's made of biologists and old hippies. We'll rent some cabins and make love amongst the trees.
Track Name: Advice
Listen here, I don't care, I fought for it. Tell you son, it wasn't fun, there were no sides, there was no prize. I'm giving in, you want to win, you say you will, you're confident.
Track Name: Time Traveler
Cmon come out and dance in the future, hope you can come out of the past and stop yourself from feeling insecure, imagine your feet as time machines that only you can work, imagine your eyes as crystal balls looking through walls and time to find us groovin, think about all the minutes past and the future paths you'll see when you're moving.
Track Name: Fake Internet People/Waltz Of Shame
Fake internet people, they're gonna tell you lies, fake internet lives, who do you think is paying them? who do you think is weighing in when they make their decisions who?
Track Name: Congo Of Cynics
So you wanted to try your own thing, well honey that's too bad, you wanted to make something of your life, well good luck with that, did they tell you you can be anything that you want, did they give you an impression the world is a thing at all, did you tend to trust everything your history teacher would tell you about your life, after a while you think to yourself, they're all high.
Track Name: Seaside/Reefed
we spent a weekend byt the seaside, your hair was long then, it got in your eyes, we heard the waves crash, on the shoreline, they took us off bit by bit but we dont mind, we built a love nest on the cliffside, we took some good rest and washed away with the tide.
Track Name: Gump/Infinitely Wrong
I don't know how I make these beautiful works of art, I dunno how I got such insight.
Track Name: Holy Paranoia
out with the son, out with the ways and out with the notion please everyone, coming around, thinking in circles, hosting an orgy, no you do not have to please everyone, that is what you love about jesus christ, turning bread back to stone, stacking up coins with roman soldiers, meet the tempter, out in the desert sand, ready at your command, go into business with your soul.
Track Name: SelfPhone
here i am, staring at my cell phone, nothing to fear, here i am staring at myself while staring at my cellphone looking in a mirror
Track Name: Born Into Privilege/I Hate Myself
I hate myself, i hate my lame ass fucking music, i can never think of what to sing i hate myself
Track Name: Secret Stash/Alien Door
there's an alien on the other side of this door, a wise gentle creature with lessons galore, i'm boarding it's ship, we're off to explore oh there's an alien on the other side of this door.
Track Name: Happy Love Song/Decide
you have made me happy, my life was sad and lonely, but you have some white magic, but you can't stay here no you can't stay static, i am thankful for you, i want you to know that i am thankful for you, wherever you go, i want you to know
Track Name: We're All Together
we dont worry to be fun, won't hurry to have some, our lives are free to be happy, i love a life where we can be sad but happy to be free
Track Name: I'll Be Awake
I need a person who works on call, who'll give me a backrub whenever i want, I need a person who doesn't need me, but still i'm the person that they choose to be with.